Brigette Patton

Mindset Coach

Brigette is a world leader in soul embodiment work and has created a path for truth seekers to take their vibrational alignment with Source to the next level. She has worked extensively utilizing emotional-intelligence modalities to tap into the energy field of consciousness. Brigette teaches others how to bring the unknown forth into the physical for transmutation and transcendence to our higher power.  

Having a cosmic connection with her husband and three sons has given her the drive and desire to invite others into a reality where dreams manifest with each heartbeat. Brigette’s role in serving humanity exists within the sharing of divine wisdom through her channeled messages and unique energy-shifting modalities.

"I know you’re in there, I can feel you. I can feel the part of you that isn’t ready to show up quite yet, for fear of what will change. I’m calling you in anyway. It is here in this space that you will unfold into the Divine being that you have sought out for lifetimes. Your human body is simultaneously craving a way out of your current state of resistance while sabotaging the path as it is presented to you. You’re more than ready to have that breakthrough that is permanently life altering. You’re ready to embody your light."