Kathryn Cook

Spiritual Biz Strategist

Kathryn comes from a background in business. As a CPA she has helped numerous organizations reach their financial targets, while also creating a collegial and effective atmosphere where people are encouraged to bring their true selves to the table.  

Kathryn also has over 10 years in recruiting and has a real ability to understand the needs of organizations and find the best talent to help them grow and succeed.  

By far Kathryn's biggest accomplishment is raising her three grown children who all share a higher consciousness and understanding. Kathryn has been connected to God, or a higher source, her entire life, and has brought that understanding and alignment to everything she does. She is a seeker of the truth. She is also a certified yoga in instructor, and practices meditation on a daily basis. She truly believes that meditation frees your subconscious for expansion.  

The stars were aligned when the combination of her background in business, recruiting and her spiritual approach to life brought her to Kimberly Maska. As a business strategist, she is able to help people see and reach their potential, and bring their gifts to fruition by creating real businesses so that they can in turn help others in a big way.