Raminyah Ingram

Clarity Doula

R. Raminyah Ingram is global mindshift coach, an appointed priestess, national speaker, and mother of two. She earned an Africana Studies degree with a political science focus from Tennessee State University.  

Since 2000, R. Raminyah Ingram has focused on the energetic evolution of the mental, spiritual, and physical body. Raminyah formally trained and graduated in the spring of 2002 as a Sacred Woman Initiate shortly after becoming a certified Ambassador of Wellness. In 2012, she was the creative facilitator of the NuElder Initiative and wrote the Momma's Manual: Urban Rites, a manual supporting mothers through their daughters first rites of passage into womanhood. In 2019, Raminyah founded Wombniversity, an evolution of the NuElder Initiative.  

Her ongoing study of metaphysics includes various modalities that support the vibrational elevation of womb consciousness within women. She has complemented her spiritual knowledge base by furthering her studies to include quantum mechanics, guided imagery & meditation, chakra & meridian clearing, and auric field renewal.  

Raminyah embodies the elements of an intuitive spiritual information technology specialist to those going through the various phases of spiritual evolution into their higher selves. She has the uncanny ability to assist people in their healing through the art of compassion, laughter and managing of surrounding vibrational energy.  

As a global midshift coach, Raminyah has mentored spiritual entrepreneurs in skyrocketing their incomes to five figures a month in conjunction with transforming the lives of mothers, grandmothers and women. She launched the Spiritual Illumination Manifestation Series in 2018 with the release of the Spiritual Illumination Manifestation Manual, a step-by-step guide to creating sustainable abundance throughout the duration of your life whether you are male or female.  

R. Raminyah Ingram, affectionately known as the Spiritual Clarity Doula, lives in the Midwest region of the United States with her husband and two children.