Teresa Maron

Spiritual Biz Strategist

Teresa's journey to become a Spiritual Biz Strategist on this team started with a competitive ballroom dance career. She and her partner used hypnosis, meditation, breathing, and visualization to rise to the top of their field and win national competitions. Using energy principles became their superpower!  

When her career formed another successful partnership as a writer/producer for Kultur International Films, she began receiving feedback from her students on the ways dancing can transform lives. They spoke of a deeper communication, joy, and connection to Source and peace. It was exciting to see these shifts and inspired her to add energy medicine, chakra balance, and color and crystal healing to her lessons.

Teresa has been an entrepreneur her entire career, so combining the skills with running a business and the desire to make a difference resonates deeply with her. She has written articles on the subject for Spiritual Biz Magazine. Joining Kimberly’s Success team has been a dream come true!  

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you are uniquely gifted, highly intuitive, and compassionate. Are you ready to work with a team who shares all of these qualities? I’d love to hear your story!